Hey there,

my name is Justin

I like to write

Both prose and code.

Right now I'm working on my own project

It helps inform parents, teachers & students about California's public schools.

I'm building Fathoms with these:

Previously, I was Product Marketing, Content Manager at Moovweb.

I wrote blogposts

and whitepapers,

presented webinars

(attended by thousands!!!)

& managed our site.

Before that I was at the Obama campaign

Working with the data team and Florida's Border States.

(We got the President of the United States elected. It was cool.)

I've also worked at and contributed to newspapers, magazines, ecommerce companies & other fine online outlets.

Right now I'm on a three month sabbatical in Peru

Here, I'm mostly working on ...

getting Fathoms live

hiking the sublime landscapes

not finishing my novel

(all twenty-something writers need an unfinished novel)

& eating copious amounts of cake.

But my time in Peru is coming to an end

and I'm looking for new cool things to work on

So, if you think we could do awesome things together,
you should send me a note.

(I also have a boring PDF resume, if you are boring.)